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Current Vacancies

Compliance Manager (Maternity Cover)

We are recruiting a Compliance Manager to join us on a fixed 18-month basis. 

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Graduate Scheme (18-Month Fixed Term Contract)

We are recruiting one individual to join our 2022 graduate scheme. Supported by a dedicated mentor team, the individual will spend approximately four months in each area of the business, before spending a further two months completing a project set by the Executive Board. 

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We are recruiting a Receptionist/Administrator to become the first point of contact for all enquiries and visitors to our office space at Waterloo Place, Leamington Spa. 

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Placement Scheme

The Placement Scheme gives university students the opportunity of real-world work experience with a dynamic and fast-growing group of companies.

Successful applicants work alongside experienced members of staff in one particular area of the business or move around different functions.

These paid placements run for a full academic year to give students a taster of the sectors in which the company operates as well as the knowledge and practical experience needed to begin their career, and those who complete a placement might also get the opportunity to apply for our Graduate Scheme.

Graduate Scheme

The successful Graduate Scheme was established in 2020 and places candidates right at the heart of the daily operations, including building and development, estates and central group operations, and completing a set project alongside one of our directors.

The scheme is designed to be challenging to help grow individual skill sets and knowledge, and at the same time allow graduates the chance to show how they can add value if an employment opportunity is available once their scheme is complete.

Those who are accepted onto the scheme are assigned a line manager and mentor team who will support them throughout their year. The graduate is expected to deliver a presentation at the end of each placement as well as complete a portfolio of learnings on which they will be invited to give a final presentation to our senior management and shareholders.

There will also be the opportunity to be interviewed for any suitable permanent roles that are available at the end of the scheme.

Graduate Trainee Blog

Our current Graduate Trainee, Nicola Cook, is writing regular blogs throughout the scheme, which look at what she's learning about the scheme - and herself - as she progresses. 

Latest Blog


Apprenticeships offer employees the chance to learn, gain hands-on work experience and get paid as an employee with a contract of employment and holiday leave.

Apprentices benefit from structured technical training as well as one-to-one mentoring from our experienced team to nurture their talent and encourage them to have the confidence to contribute new ideas to the business.

They will also gain support in their professional development from other members of staff who they will work closely alongside offering varied help and support throughout the apprenticeship.

The company has successfully employed members of staff through the apprenticeship scheme.

Work Experience

The Wigley Group is keen to offer valuable and meaningful introductions to the world of work to local school children as they prepare for the end of their formal education.

Short-term places can be offered across the business while members of the team at all levels are available to share their knowledge and experience at careers events and in other programmes designed to help prepare teenagers for life after school or college.

Please contact us for further details.

Proactive Education and Training

The Wigley Group is actively involved with Rugby-based Proactive Education & Training which works in partnership with SWAN Education Partnership, 10 secondary schools in the South West Area of Northamptonshire, to deliver work-related learning activities that ensure students have a greater understanding of the world of work.

Many members of the team have attended student events to offer an insight into their own roles within the business as well as their own previous work experience and the route that they took throughout their career.

Project Work

Students who want to gain more an understanding of business in the real world can do so by taking the opportunity to complete one-off projects over the student holiday period.

To be selected to join us for these temporary roles, there will be an interview stage with successful applicants paired up with one of the team who will provide help and support to help complete the project.

Please contact us for further details.

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