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Establishment of new executive management team helps to drive The Wigley Group’s growth

The Wigley Group has established an executive management team to drive growth. Senior figures representing the main business areas of The Wigley Group – property, construction and operations – make up the new structure within the company headquartered in Stockton, Warwickshire.

Claire Lynch has been promoted to head of group governance and development, and with Andrew Higham, construction manager, joins directors James Davies, James Ellerington and Charlie Brooks on the team.

Managing director James Davies said: “We are constantly looking to evolve as a group to achieve our goals and set ourselves up for the future, and the diversity of the executive team will bring an important dimension to our leadership.

“Being one step ahead is key and has allowed us to grow, and certainly our foresight in putting the team in place has meant that we have managed the impact of the global pandemic far better and have been able to continue to operate as normal as possible.”

Claire came to The Wigley Group in 2016 with a decade of experience in health and safety and compliance, and has since been instrumental in making those areas core to the business.

James Ellerington, director of operations, said: “Claire’s background in health and safety and compliance has meant that she has singlehandedly realigned the company and our focus in those areas so that they are fundamental to our operations.

“She has recently been leading us towards ISO accreditation and in her new role, will be fulfilling her real passion for training and development by instigating programmes for staff to build on their skills.”

Andrew joined as construction manager of Wigley Building and Development, the construction arm of The Wigley Group, in April last year, bringing over two decades of project management experience with Stepnell.

Charlie Brooks, construction director at Wigley Building and Development, said: “Andrew joined us with a very strong pedigree and has been a great asset in managing the delivery of our construction projects and planning our future growth.”