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Tilly hoping to be a cut above the rest with new apprenticeship

Tilly England discusses her role as a Marketing Assistant Apprentice as The Wigley Group celebrates the 15th annual National Apprenticeship Week between February 7-13.

Leaving my job as a full-time barber to start an apprenticeship in a sector I did not know much about was a nervous prospect – but it is the best decision I have ever made.   

I had previously worked as a barber for two years and it was a role I enjoyed, but I knew there was something missing and I wanted a job to help further my development.  

Marketing was not something I had ever considered before, but after reading up on the Marketing Assistant Apprentice role at The Wigley Group it seemed a perfect match for me. I also knew people who worked at Wigley, so I knew it was a nice place to work.

I started my apprenticeship in September 2021 with very little knowledge of the sector, but I have already learnt so much about the world of marketing. I am learning and building my knowledge whilst completing an 18-month college course, gaining skills and vital on-the-job experience in marketing and how businesses are run.

At times, all this new information has been slightly overwhelming, but that is okay, I am still learning. Luckily, I have a team of supportive workers at The Wigley Group, which means I feel comfortable in asking any questions or speaking up when I’m ever unsure.

Many people believe an apprentice is the person who makes the teas and coffees, but it is far from that. The Wigley Group have already given me great opportunities, such as assisting in a charity ball as well a company launch event. This is alongside many responsibilities from ordering collateral items to creating the graphics and copy for some of our social media posts.

I am trusted with tasks that I take real pride in. This has really aided my development, and my confidence has grown significantly. My colleagues at The Wigley Group believe there is no better way to learn other than getting stuck in, which is absolutely correct.

Having people around me that believe in my abilities makes my ‘job’ feel like a ‘passion’.

To anyone who is debating becoming an apprentice, all I have to say is you won’t regret it!

Being an apprentice is an exciting opportunity to be paid to learn, whilst being provided with high-quality training. There is such a vast range of opportunities at multiple levels. And there is something for everyone – from school leavers to people like me who decided their previous career just wasn’t right for them.