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Strategic Land

Wigley Strategic Land Ltd works collaboratively with landowners and communities to identify and deliver new opportunities for sustainable development.

We call upon our considerable experience, expertise and financial resources, with support from the wider family-owned group of companies and specialist consultants, to realise the development potential and maximise the value of our strategic land portfolio.

As a strategic land partner, our team will take the lead right from identification, contractual negotiations, concept development, through to design, sale or delivery of schemes with the benefit of an attractive and valuable planning consent.

We understand the importance of considering local needs in relation to new developments and we commit to engage extensively with local communities, planning authorities and other stakeholders to ensure that all of our schemes are sensitively guided through the planning process.

Our return typically comes from a pre-agreed share of the proceeds on completion of a land sale or through us acquiring the land at a discount to its market value.

As a privately owned and funded family business, we can be completely flexible with our deal structures and will consider freehold acquisitions (with or without overage). We have considerable financial resources available to support the acquisition and promotion of strategic land opportunities.

See a selection of our case studies that demonstrate how we have supported landowners to maximise the value of their land by guiding their schemes successfully through the planning process.

Please contact us to discuss your opportunities or requirements in further detail.

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